Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas... and the upcoming year.

Amazingly I have to say that we had a great day..... the boys were happy about what they got, loved everything, didnt gripe about what they "really" wanted (and didnt get).... overall it was a great day. Though it seemed a bit lonely. Even though we live so close to my family now, its odd to celebrate any holidays without seeing Kindels mom. I miss her, as well as our New Mexico friends and family..... maybe we will get to go visit in febuary/march. I am amazed at how the last 4 months have just flown right past us.... it doesnt seem like we have been here that long already......

I am gonna try to clean up my art/sewing area tomorrow... I started a bunch of projects and lost momentum and need to bust them out and get them finished.... For christmas I got a YUDU silkscreener... I have to say its gonna be a love/hate relationship.... I think its easier to use than i expected but I am definitely not too consistent yet.... maybe it will grow on me with time. I made a bunch of stuff though (expect pictures soon!), but need to finish them all. Now I'm thinking i need a cricut machine and a see they make them all work together so it becomes a "need" instead of a A gypsy really would be great.... and jasper and dusty could make designs too.... but then i would need a cricut to use the maybe i can find one of each on amazon.

I am hoping that the next year will be inspiring to kindel and I both. The boys are both in public school now (which I am still not sure we love, but the kids seem to enjoy it mostly). Dusty constantly ask me why he cant stay home and have me teach him, and I just remind him its only 2 and 1\2 hours. some days i ask myself the same thing.... and then i think about how much i get done at home when the kids arent

In new mexico, I was constantly wanting to go home and now that i am here i recall all the reasons I left, and what all I didnt miss. My friends have either A) changed so much I have nothing in common with them, OR B) not changed at all and I can't stand them, Or C) have grown up a bit and are still in the same book as I am. I guess change is good...

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