Friday, January 25, 2013


So after 20 months going to school in arizona, to become a mechanic, I have discovered a few dozen or so things....

1. i love lists! they keep me organized and focused!
2. staying busy is a lot better then boredom.
3. if its important, there is always time.
4. while new skills are usable, go to school for what you love!
5. sometimes, DONT LISTEN to family friends and Advisors!
6. the devil is in the details.
7 the iron is my friend
8 the camera needs to be my friend
9 time is a valuable tool.
10 your time has extensive value, you cant replace it once its gone
11 is always 4+7
12 an unused toolbox may call your name as much as an unused sewing maching
13 do what you love ,love what you do!
14. if it seams like a good idea, make it. or just make it run.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

my artfire studio.... finally.

I finally actually am making an attempt to use my artfire store. check it out :)