Saturday, April 25, 2009

Growing Roots....

While I intend for this to be a blog full of my many crafty projects made here in the middle of no where New Mexico, I figure you should know "where" I am coming from...

Over the past 12 or so years, I have gradually been learning more techniques and learning so much more about sewing and crafting. I really love to sew and have basically been sewing to afford my hobby. Now that I am no longer busy traveling across the country, I have time to put down some roots. I found a nice spot in the middle of nowhere that I love and can't imagine leaving.I plan to work on a children's clothing line this summer! How very exciting for me, I cant wait to get started!

I started sewing basically because my expensive patchwork pants fell apart when I washed them. After I fixed mine, I had to then fix all of my friends... it was a learning experience to say the least. I wound up traveling and sewing when and wherever I could, often selling cute patchy shirts for a meal or a place to crash. Often without any real sense of direction, or destination. Life was just one big trip. I was constantly seeking a place that simply seemed like "home".

In 1998 I had my boy Jasper, thus the traveling had to slow down. I settled in Louisville, Kentucky. I found a few store that would sale my goods on consignment, but generally that meant that I could sew up all the fabric I had available, and wait to get paid. Usually they ran out of my stuff and wanted more before "payday". Often I felt like it was a catch 22.... never enough to keep up or to get ahead. Eventually I moved back home to Seattle, Washington. I sold stuff to a few stores and at the farmers markets in the summer, but at most times it was rather unpredictable and not very consistent. I got a "real job" and moved on with my life.

Sewing was always part of my life, and for some reason no matter where I ended up, I always ended up with a machine and some fabrics. I decided to move to New Mexico about 2 years ago to get away from the dead end road I was on and go to college... after a year and a half into the program that I was in my school made the program "phase out", which meant i had to finish my classes in the next 6 months. Maybe I should have tried harder, maybe I should have kept going to college without any true direction.... but instead I stopped for a while. I figured it was a great time to re-focus.

This "break" from school actually did something fabulous for me... it reminded me of when I was just some girl who liked to sew. I unpacked my machine and started sewing again. Nothing major just a few pairs of pj's for the kids, a dress for my friends little one, and some Christmas stockings. As most of my friends and family know, now I sew daily and often into the night... it has replaced my need for cable t.v. and movies. I just set up an online store and plan to add items in the next few weeks and see how it goes. At this point I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Hopefully you will come back and check out my projects!